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April 23, 2015 / by Squat New York

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We are a creative agency that specializes in the craft of brand making. The way we approach our work is through the craftsmanship that goes in the background – it’s all about the knack and the know-how to transform brands through storytelling. We birth great ideas and we are passionate about delivering only the fine-tuned results.

Browse through and enjoy an idea-changing experience. With a sleek and colorful outlook, Squat New York is here to share our stories: our passion, our love of design and our innovation in creating the best work. We are sharing our insights, ideas and what we believe that extend beyond the realm of advertising. We craft our pieces, spin stories out of thin air and deliver them right to your screens.

We are here to keep you current on the latest happenings in the city that never sleeps; the place that we can proudly call home, where our passion and inspiration cultivate. Consider us your news feed without all the extra junk you won’t need. Just the things you know you love – we promise.

Be on the lookout for more industry news, agency updates and all the fun stuff right here.


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