Taking Advantage of 2018 Resolutions

January 2, 2018 / by

Everyone knows that as soon as the holiday lights come down, motivation for personal and professional improvement goes up. Goals are set. Expectations are high. There’s no reason brands shouldn’t consider that as an opportunity to provide the encouraging content, products and services consumers need to stick with their resolutions. Be the brand that gets behind their aspirations. That gives them a push in the direction they’re already trying to go. And reap the benefits of being their helping hand.


Be the present plan for becoming the future self


People come up with resolutions with an image of who they want to be in the future in their minds. There’s always the thought that “future me” is more capable and virtuous than “present me.” This is especially beneficial for brands looking to sell products or services that won’t show positive results until later on. Get on it, progress brands. Even if you’re not that kind of brand, you can market the use of your product/service as a stepping stone for their transformation. As part of their step by step program. Give them something their present self can focus on, so the future self doesn’t seem all that impossible.


Market your brand’s health connection


If there is any way (any way at all) you can relate your brand to getting healthy, this is the time to build that bridge and make it known. A 2016 Nielsen study stated that 25% of respondents indicated their top new years resolutions were to get fit and healthy. This means that more than any other time of the year, people are willing to buy into brands that help them meet their health goals. Because of all the ways people try to motivate themselves through the internet and different devices, a diverse range of brands can jump on this. Not just the ones so obviously in the food and exercise game.


Get on board with the budget-minded consumers


Another of the most popular resolutions is to save more, spend less. They can do that by budgeting better, investing, opening savings accounts, cutting out superfluous spending, etc. This potentially means several things for your marketing strategy. You could make your product/service that one essential thing consumers can’t give up or cut out. That one helpful tool they need to keep track of their spending, to use on their way to the bank, to stay on top of their coupons. You could offer that perfect sale that is too good to pass up — as in, there’s no way they’re getting a better deal later on.


Apparently you only have a few weeks or (though less likely) months to support their cause before it’s abandoned completely. According to psychologist Richard Wiseman, only 12% of people keep their resolutions throughout the year. So take advantage while you can.


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