Reconfiguring Branding for Millennials

April 3, 2018 / by Squat New York

Millennials are revolutionizing the way companies design their brands. These tech-savvy, environmentally conscious self-starters think critically about their purchases and openly share their customer experiences with peers online. The same branding strategies that worked for Generation X won’t work on them.


Go Green or Go Home


When it comes to these turn-of-the-century babies, you have to fight the good fight. They care about the environment and social issues. An Anthem/IPSOS study revealed that 58% of millennials prefer a brand that makes them “feel like a good person” to any other kind. So it’s no surprise 69% prefer an ethical and responsible brand. Taking notice, brands have birthed earthy designs that showcase all-natural, sustainable products. They have also aligned themselves with political activism.


In 2015, Coca Cola stripped their famous drinks of their labels in Middle Eastern countries for the Muslim holiday Ramadan. The naked cans promoted open-mindedness and tolerance. Marketing strategies like this invite consumers to partake in the greater good.


It’s not just what you see, it’s what you get. Gen Y is well-educated. They won’t fall for a message and forget about the medium. Companies are soothing their global concerns with recyclable packaging – the leading material in the industry.


Personalization Pays Off


Millennials value their individuality and uniqueness. And brands are nurturing this desire with personalized packaging. Consider Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign (geez Coca Cola is on top of things). They replaced the logo with popular names – inviting consumers to share with friends and family.




Today’s generation is always plugged-in. From the moment they climb out of bed to the minute they crawl back into it, their smartphones never leave their sides. Before making a purchase, they’re consulted for:


Mobile devices have pretty much become personal shopping assistants.


Millennials are very open with their social network –  sharing treasured experiences and trusting peers’ advice. Sonic adopted this mindset with their line of milkshakes at the Coachella music festival in April 2016. They designed their packaging to complement Instagram’s style of posts and then handed out free shakes to concert-goers who posted pictures of them.


Embrace Experimental Design


With a higher education and a larger social sphere, Gen Y has cultivated a broader palate than the generations before them. They want adventure, exotic tastes and pushed boundaries. Brands are rising to the occasion with creative structural and graphic design.


WebMynd, a mobile application development company, appeals to these curious spirits with their mosaic logo. Vibrant colors weaving in and out of each other in an intricate frame reflect multiculturalism and growth. Ovi, a Finnish brewery, speaks to progressive minds with their line of crisp cider. They splattered bold watercolors across their white bottles.The pleasantly abrasive illustrations drip outside of the confines of conventional design.

With an expansive digital and social network, millennials are contorting the rules of branding design. They are pushing companies to support progressive growth and individuality.


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