How Rebranding Boosts Business

January 18, 2018 / by Squat New York

For every brand, there comes a time when their assets begin to appear – well, dull. That’s because the world never stops going round – trends change, innovations revolutionize, marketplaces evolve. Brands can either keep up or get old and die. Occasionally even good brands need to be polished to stay shiny and updated and attractive, at least for the audiences that matter. Help yourself to some insights into what adding new brand flair can do for you.


Rebranding can work like a shot of Redbull that suddenly draws in publicity and stimulates growth, making audiences believe your company has something new or more to say. You don’t ever want your brand to fall behind and lose potential business over an outdated logo or a poorly crafted tagline.


A rebrand doesn’t even have to entail an entirely new set of brand assets. It can be a simple change in the website layout, business cards or a new logo – whatever you feel would be most effective in boosting your business.


So when is rebranding most beneficial?


Worried about losing loyal customers? Don’t. Studies show that new looks are more likely to ignite new interest and engagement from existing markets.


Take newrow_, a technology company that created an advanced video collaboration system. After 10 years of being in business, they were struggling to attract new leads and properly communicate the unique qualities of their communication platform. They pinned it on their dated and conservative brand, which did not reflect how their interactive media is revolutionizing the way large scale groups hold meetings from afar.


This was a case that called for 360 rebranding, wherein the brand gets a complete facelift. Newrow_ trusted Squat New York to rework everything from their name and logo to their color palette and website to their video promos and social media campaign. We reshaped the brand to appeal to a more tech-savvy audience by giving website visitors a clear brand introduction, as well as using icons and colors that represent a good flow of communication. The company has since not only increased their lead-generation, but become a thriving online community that continually boosts brand awareness without having to lift a finger.


Give us a holler if you’d like us to help give your brand a leg up in this increasingly innovative market.


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