The Raven Recognized on Behance

October 3, 2016 / by Squat New York

October is starting out to be a very triumphant month for the squatters. This weekend Behance handpicked our latest branding project for The Raven to be featured in their Graphic Design gallery. Oh haay. A big thank you to Behance’s curatorial team!


For those of you who haven’t heard, The Raven will be the first mid-sized, luxury condominium to go up in South Williamsburg. Look out, Brooklyn! It’s about time the apartments in that area started to catch up with the trendy new eateries and vibrant culture.


When the condo’s developer, B+B Capital, came to us desperate for brand wisdom, they needed everything from a name and logo to a website and marketing campaign.


That’s when we began digging to find out all we possibly could about their backstory, the neighborhood, the building’s architecture, and the type of residents they wanted to attract. We discovered that this would be a building where – despite its deceptively normal exterior – no apartment layout would be the same. Where an art gallery would take over the first few floors. Where successful millenials and open-minded entrepreneurs would be able to express their individuality and creativity.


Words started popping out at us, like elegance, unconventionality, modernity and mystery. So we thought – hmm, what concept would encompass all of that and more? Of course… ravens! They’re an extraordinary species of birds that aren’t initially what they seem. Thus the building was dubbed “The Raven.”


You can now see the entire universe we created for the brand right here!


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