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Best Practices for Websites with Looped Video Backgrounds

November 20, 2015 / by Squat New York

Our web design for newrow_ made it to the front page of this amazing article by Designmodo! Today they covered the excellent use of looped videos as the face of an interactive website.


Click here to read along.


“Loop is a Boolean attribute of the video tag in HTML5 that is supported by the latest versions of modern browsers, including IE 9.0. It specifies a series of short movie clips that start over and over again. This feature was warmly welcomed by the web developer community and already affected numerous projects, having made websites look more intense and exciting.


These repeating sequences benefit various sorts of web projects starting from online portfolios and ending with mobile application sites. Web developers give preferences to short 5- to 10-second videos that as a rule, unite a theme or pursue one goal, for example, to show off agency’s potential through an ever-changing video reports on work done. The solution helps to intrigue people, stir up interest, catch the attention as well as enrich the appearance, improve user experience and reinforce the general feeling. Although working it into a project is a quite tricky and time-consuming task, especially when you need to shoot everything from the ground up, yet, it is certainly worth these efforts.”


Watch the making of newrow_ on our Vimeo page.


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