Finding Brain Fuel

June 16, 2016 / by Squat New York

Every creative – us Squatters included – waits for those moments when everything just flows. When your mind is greased and ideas slip out like butter. But how often does that happen, really? The reality is that most of us experience the dreaded mind-clot more frequently than we’d like to admit. And sometimes, not even hours of headache-inducing brainstorming will lead to anything of quality.


In these cases, the first thing you should do is check your environment. Are your windows open? Have you fed yourself something green or nutrient-heavy? Your brain might just be craving a little oxygen and energy. If that fails, think about how many hours it’s been since you looked at something besides your blinding computer screen. Your best plan of action may be to just leave.


Now, that doesn’t mean you have to do something crazy like cross country borders or even step outside your own city. There’s bound to be local sites and venues to stimulate that creative muscle – especially when you’re in a thriving metropolis like New York. Not that you have to be! The most important thing is to engage every one of your senses actively.


Some things you can try:




Study the way they move, interact, and respond to their environment. Imagine what they’re feeling or dealing with at the moment. This is probably the only time when it’s OK to make some judgments.


Munching on something new.


Find an eatery or a market that has an exotic food you’ve never tried. Ponder what its taste, texture and smell reminds you of. Maybe you’ve eaten something similarly spicy or chewy.


Listening to the noises of the world.


You can find emotions embedded in every sound. Interpret some of them and feel how they influence your mood. Feel it all!


By using sensory input to tap into emotional arenas, make comparisons, and arouse your imagination, you’re essentially feeding and exercising your brain. We don’t expect the rest of our body parts to function when they’re not fit and healthy. So how can we assume our brain will?


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