Nature In, Nurture Out


Sparq’s Vitamin Air

Sparq is out to revolutionize the vaporizer industry with a never before seen genre of recreational inhalation devices. Rather than nicotine and other harmful chemicals, their formulations incorporate the finest quality vitamins and herbs, encouraging users to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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As Sparq’s creative gurus, Squat New York’s task was to draw attention to the way the ingredients in each device are known to produce certain physical effects, such as a more youthful appearance. Through earth’s natural landscapes and simple, yet powerful four letter names, we visually and linguistically linked each product to their intended results. See Fuel, a product meant to induce energy, which we paired with uplifting forest imagery. Or Melt, a product related to weight reduction and placed side by side with imagery of melting ice.

We were able to expound on the nature connection by basing the visual language of the brand on the Golden Ratio — a numeric formula that creates a striking pattern found in science and nature. The shape of this pattern was applied to everything from the logo to the packaging designs. With clean, geometrical shapes and a palette of neutral colors, the brand takes on an equally modern and rustic feel. It’s a perfect reflection of the way Sparq has taken plant-based ingredients and used advanced science to make them “inhalable.” The highly sophisticated voice of Sparq is meant to draw more on the level of scientific research that went into both the product design and the vitamin formulations.

Every aspect of Sparq’s brand caters to young, experimental audiences on a higher plane of thinking that share Sparq’s appreciation for the beauty of nature, fitness and good health.

A direct result of our branding work is that Sparq’s Indiegogo campaign has raised over $100k, more than 500% of their initial goal, with almost two weeks to spare.

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