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Keller Williams NYC

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Keller Williams NYC, headed by NYC’s top mega broker, Ilan Bracha, is a franchise of Austin-based Keller Williams Realty International – the largest real estate company in North America with more than 110,000 members and 700 locations across the globe. Squat New York was asked to introduce the brand’s only New York location to the Manhattan market with its own brand, website and a highly innovative ad campaign.

Keller Williams NYC required branding materials that remained true to their existing brand and yet, catered to the real estate demands of the Big Apple. We therefore modified the existing logo to include “nyc” just below it in clean and sophisticated, matching typography. Their color palette was assembled with classic symbols of power – red, white and black.

To help grow Keller Williams NYC’s savvy brokerage team, we developed an ad concept around the idea that the company’s success is largely due to the unique formula they have implemented for the last 20 years. This formula is what helped launch their profit-sharing program for over 100,000 real estate professionals nationwide.


Watch The Making of Formula for Success below!

Our three-piece campaign shows 3 different formulas that changed people’s lives – the first being an astronaut’s, the second being an aviator’s, and the third a broker’s (i.e. that used by Keller Williams). It uses formulaic comparisons to the world’s greatest achievements in order to highlight the grandiosity of Keller Williams’ abilities and reputation. By singling out achievements in flight specifically, we insinuated just how high Keller Williams NYC brokers can fly when they’re on board with the company. This campaign successfully triggered the curiosity of many top-leading individuals in the real estate market.

Our final task was to redesign Keller Williams NYC’s website to reflect the revolutionary business model of the firm, as well as the success and sterling reputation of its founder. The minimalistic interface presents easy access to relevant listing content and detailed property information. To make the site conducive to high numbers of closings, we ensured communication between property agents and clients would be remarkably simple and fluid.

Keller Williams NYC immediately rose to the top in sales among New York City’s largest real estate brokerages. They acquired 10,000 unique visitors within the first month of the NYC website launch, attracting more than 200 new hires within the first year of the campaign.




2012 Gold Graphis Award 100 Best in Advertising.


Featured in Graphis Advertising Annual 2012Pantone Canvas and Behance Web Design Served.

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