The Birth of a Brand

Building your brand from the ground up

July 2, 2015 / by Squat New York

Creating a brand is like witnessing the birth of a baby that’s going through years of human process. A baby needs to undergo a long process to reach the maturity of an adult. Your brand will grow, evolve and eventually learn by doing. They will make mistakes — a lot of them, in fact. Many factors – such as the environment – will impact the growth of the brand, both physically and mentally. Changes and challenges go hand in hand – there will be many of these things throughout the process and they are essential to the growth of your brand. These things will determine the character and how your brand is presented to society. Your brand can develop as compassionate or rebellious, friendly or serious. However it develops, it will be able to establish a strong backbone with characteristics that make it one-of-a-kind.


Before your brand launches into public, there will be stages of development that you will go through to create an identity. There is no such thing as overnight success. Major achievements cannot happen instantly without hard work and a solid process. It requires baby steps towards evolving your brand features and values over a period of time.


When PUKU first tapped Squat New York to build an entirely new brand identity, we had long conversations about the product background and how the brand can be further developed. Your brand’s “first day of school” will be the first day that its identity will make its debut before the eyes of all your eager consumers. But the development process of your brand identity will not stop when you introduce your brand to people. The launch of a brand is just the start of a long process of nurturing and growing your brand. Going to school, a child will go through a phase where they will be exposed to society and undergo changes in order to define their own value. This will occur within your brand. We face internal and external factors that will render shifts in our perspective. You want to create a brand that leads to its immortality.


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