Crafting Brands That Last

How brands evolve and create legacy

May 14, 2015 / by Squat New York

There are many brands that live and thrive for generations. And it’s not just because they’re lucky. They know how to sustain their business model, create a legacy and impact the world with a core message that goes beyond the brand. Take Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson. These are just two examples of the many companies that have survived for decades and seem to only keep getting stronger. Those brands now look nothing like what were initially. They have evolved from small embryos with just a few passionate people into mature, internationally successful corporations. That is the goal, is it not? Or at least to have a long and healthy business-life.


It’s a tricky process moving the brand from just average into the realm of the extraordinary. Every brand must have an incredible vision and mission up their sleeves that have the room to develop over time. Apple is the prime example of a brand that has upgraded their brand into a new level of success. It has successfully established itself as the world’s decision maker — the pioneer, the inventor, and the visionary. Look at all the trends in the world today that Apple has set, making every invention a massive hit with impossibly high market demand upon launching. It’s fair to say they could sell out even before the launch of a product because of their loyal fan base across the world. But, just like many other tech companies, Apple stayed in the childhood phase for a long time before emerging as the brand they are today. Apple no longer has to worry about the race to be number one in innovation and technology like when they first started. Now they’ve reached a stage of maturity, their company has achieved a new state of security and impact — seeing the world in a new light.


Vision and mission are the strength of a brand. Make sure you know and understand the value of your company before you even begin to create an identity because this is the backbone — the foundation — of everything you later build.

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