The Common Pitfalls of Creativity

Thriving in the Creative Industry

August 12, 2015 / by Squat New York

The intensity we experience when working within the creative industry can be quite daunting. But what else is new? Throw in client feedback, sleepless nights, strict deadlines, daylong meetings and rejected ideas, and creativity can lose its spark in the blink of an eye. Your coffeemaker is judging you not for your late nights of hard work, but for all the times you snuck in those 5-minute naps at your desk. All for high-fives at the conference room, shiny trophies and rounds of really good scotch.


We all have those preconceived notions about what being creative or the nature of every creative process is really about, as taught in portfolio schools and cable television. But what nobody told you about this industry is the common conceptual pitfalls of creativity. Take good notes.







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